Rank 262
Avg. Price
$ 0.103978768 USD
24hr Change
Mkt. Cap
$ 47.06 M
Vol. 24H
MAID 319,927.100 ($ 33,265.626)
Low/High 24h
$ 0.087083176 / $ 0.105511248
Total Coins
$ 452.55 M
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MAID 0.7 ( $ 0.0727851376) / HitBTC
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MaidSafe is a fully decentralized platform on which application developers can build decentralized applications. The network is made up by individual users who contribute storage, computing power and bandwidth to form a world-wide autonomous system.

Safecoin can only reside within the SAFE network and will be stored in a users wallet and used in exchange for network services; such as increased storage space and access to network applications. There is no set distribution time for safecoins. Unlike many currencies, the distribution of safecoin is backed by information and the amount of coins generated by the SAFE network is directly related to the amount of resource provided to it.